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Gut Health = Sex Health

Gut Health = Sex Health

There has been a growing body of research around the gut, and this past underrated organ has proven itself to be much more powerful than we first thought. The gut microbiome is made up of not billions, but trillions of microbes—otherwise known as bacteria. Our gut microflora has been linked to being able to influence everything from immune health, digestive health, to even cognitive health. It is now even being referred to as our “second brain” as it has that much power over our bodies. We are learning that this organ has the power to influence our sexual health as well.

Sexual health fails to be discussed enough, and many cease to talk about their sexual disorders. Let us allow ourselves to open our minds (and our legs, when with the right person of course) to this topic—it is just as important as discussing our mental health, or even our physical health, as sexual health plays a major role in each of our lives.

It’s time to get serious about your gut health!

Gut health is dependent on what you eat, which therefore makes diet incredibly important in taking care of your overall well being. Your gut microflora thrives off of dietary fibre, which is abundant in whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Dietary fibre is largely undigested, and instead remains in the small intestine which allows gut microbes to feed on this, creating short chain fatty acids that result in the many benefits of gut health. These health benefits include improving immune health, lowering levels of cholesterol, improving mood, and even enhancing sexual health.

What is the link between sexual health and gut health?

Gut health can influence your sexual drive. Research shows that the gastrointestinal tract (GI) contains not only an abundance of the body’s serotonin—up to 90% of our body’s serotonin to be exact, and this happy hormone is also the very hormone that controls our libido.Through nourishing your gut, you are also supporting the production of serotonin and enhancing your libido!

Gut health can also have an effect on levels of performance anxiety. Poor gut health can cause inflammation within the gut, and for more extreme cases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

This discomfort can be present at all times, including during sexual encounters, leading to fear of symptoms rather than being present in the moment. This also disturbs the production of serotonin, as your body begins to focus on producing cortisol, therefore decreasing libido.

It plays a role in regulating sexual diseases. From UTI’s to thrush, your gut health may be a large proponent in your vulnerability to the arrival of these uninvited guests.

According to Washington University School of Medicine, "Most UTI's are caused by E. coli that live harmlessly in the gut. However, when shed in the feces, the bacteria can spread to the opening of the urinary tract and up to the bladder where they can cause problems. The same study had shown that UTI’s can largely be influenced by the disruption of our gut microflora due to anything from the consumption of antibiotics, to stress.

Additionally, an imbalanced gut can cause candida, which is a type of fungus that grows in areas such as the mouth, stomach, and vagina. When an overgrowth of this fungus occurs, it can result in Candidiasis or thrush. Who knew that eating clean would literally keep you “clean”?

What can you do to benefit your gut health?

As well as eating a diet rich in fiber, a healthy gut can be achieved through reducing stress, or consuming healing herbs such as the proprietary blend inThe Good Sh!t Cleanse. We personally love our herbs such as pure plantago husks . Triphala is known for it’s. benefits on the digestive system, as this herb contains components that are “believed to cause restoration of the epithelium lining of the digestive tract, and by exhibiting mild laxative properties facilitate passage of stool in the colon.” (Chin Med, 2018). It is also nutrient rich, therefore promoting anti-inflammatory effects, helping beat stress whilst boosting gut health.

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