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SH!T You Need to Know

What makes this SH!T so good anyway?

With our hectic lives these days sometimes it's hard to eat GOOD, sleep GOOD, and get a GOOD workout in daily. But we aren't bad just because we can't do the GOOD things all the time. We see the GOOD in you! So we decided to help! This GOOD SH!T helps bridge that gap and clean up the messes we have made in our bodies. The cleanses help to clean both small and large intestine as well as our digestive system. They also help with inflammation, bloating, acid reflux, digestion, lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure. We only use natural ingredients and don't add any harsh irritants like senna leaf. With the added benefit of positive intention and ingredients to support the chakras this GOOD SH!T is meant to aide in your alignment, inside and out. You're doing great! 

When is a good time to use THE GOOD SH!T cleanse?

Anytime is a good time for this GOOD SH!T but some of our favorite times are:

  • Before and after surgery
  • Get snacthed before vacation
  • After a big dinner like Thanksgiving
  • After a flight
  • Before a photoshoot

How often should I do a GOOD SH!T cleanse?

Some of our customers take our GOOD SH!T every day, while others use it monthly. It really depends on your personal goals and needs. If you have a specific weight loss goal, doing one or two 7 day cleanses back to back will greatly improve your results. If you know you have a decadent weekend coming up, plan ahead and order a 3 day cleanse to start after the festivities end.  Got a trip scheduled? Get tight before you go with a 7 day. Use your discretion and feel free to consult with your healthcare provider. 

How should I eat?

When you see all the sh!t that comes out of you during our cleanse, you'll naturally want to eat clean, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. It's ideal to avoid animal products and dairy for best results, but our sh!t is so good, it doesn't matter what you eat! 


What kinds of juice should I mix it with:

Any juice of your choice! We find it pairs well with orange juice, and pineapple juice. The herbs give it a natural pulpy feel.


Do I have to take it at night before bed?

We encourage taking it before bed so that the process does it's magic while you sleep. However, you can take this sh!t any time of the day. Just make sure you have access to a lou about 6 - 8 hours later. Sometimes we'll blend it in our morning smoothie knowing there's GOOD SH!T in store.

Is the cup Reusable?

Yes! We believe in recycling! After each day, rinse your shaker and pat dry.

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